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12 May 2013 - i miss you!

that's our latest pic.. hang out together.. Berjaya Times Square our port lepak.. watching movie.. Sungei Wang Oldtown White Coffee, port our lunch together... before she go back IPOH.. I miss her.. really2 miss her.. she's not pretty for me, but she's everything for me.. when she laugh, when she smile, when she manje2, OMG!! she's perfect for me!! sOoooo shumeyy!!!!!!! but, when her tears fall in down, i know, i should do something............ but im not.. im still childish with bicycle three tyres, a boy with candy, a man without brain.. a human speak english like malay... and still make her crying... im so sorry my love.. i love you so much... i need you for the rest of my life.. you are my everything.. I cintakan You sangat-sangat.. <3
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